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Common grievance questions and answers

UPM has a Grievance Officer, whose duties are to:
  • Help determine if your concerns are contractual violations
  • Provide you with union representation
  • Support you through the grievance process
  • Ensure that the District follows due process and adheres to its contractual obligations

Your Grievance Officer is Gregg Grist. You may contact him via the Grievance Officer’s email:

Please do not use your email account to communicate workplace-related matters to the UPM. You are also encouraged to familiarize yourself with the current UPM/MCCD Collective Bargaining Agreement (herein, the “contract”) found under the Contract menu heading. 

A grievance is an allegation by a UPM unit member that he or she has been directly or adversely affected by a misapplication, a misrepresentation, or a violation of a specific provision of the contract. (See Article 12.2.1)

Any UPM unit member may file a grievance with the District. The UPM may also file a grievance on behalf of unit members with their written authorization. (See Article 12.3.1)

UPM urges our members to first contact the Grievance Officer before attempting to resolve the matter informally.

A unit member has 30 working days after the grievant knew, or by reasonable diligence could have known, of the condition upon which the grievance is based. (See Article 12.11.1). Because of the timeline requirements for filing a grievance, please contact the Grievance Officer as soon as possible.

UPM recommends that you begin by contacting your Grievance Officer to help determine if there has been a contractual violation. If deemed appropriate and with your concurrence, the Grievance Officer will initiate the formal grievance process on your behalf. This process begins with the submittal of the Grievance Form, which may be found in the contract as Form F 12.3.3.

You may be directed to meet with an administrator, but UPM strongly advises our members to have a UPM representative present at the meeting. The contract clearly states that no grievant at any stage of the grievance procedure shall be required to meet with any administrators concerning any aspect of a filed grievance without UPM representation. (See Article 12.4.2)

Please contact the UPM Grievance Officer immediately with any questions or concerns. 

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