2021 CBA Article #2 Summary Report

Changes, Additions, and Deletions Summary Report

Summary – Previously Article 2 focused on Payroll Deductions. Specifically, this section of the contract authorized the District to withdraw union dues from UPM members and fee payers. In 2018, the Supreme Court’s Janus decision significantly changed the legal process for collecting union dues. All language regarding the collection of dues has now been updated, consolidated, and moved it to Article 21: Representation/Service Fee to address the change in the law.

Article 2 now provides UPM’s statement on Academic Freedom. The goal here was to develop language that both protects and serves as a mission statement for unit members. Please note that the Academic Freedom language previously contained in Article 17 has been deleted.

Specifics There are no specific changes, additions, and deletions to make note of in this article as it was a full rewrite and is composed of entirely new language.

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