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    Arthur Lutz: Machinist - Inventor - Artist - Educator

    At College of Marin we have an outstanding faculty. Many of us, however, have only a limited knowledge of the credentials and qualifications of our faculty colleagues. So each semester we will be showcasing one of our own, so that we might have a better understanding and appreciation of their contributions to our college. 

    Arthur Lutz is the lead faculty member in our Machine and Metals Technology program, CoM’s career technical program that prepares students for employment in the metal-working trades as machinist, toolmaker, computer machine operator/programmer, and welder.

    The MMT program also supports, encourages and helps develop the skills of those who are committed to the “maker ethic” – people who value, appreciate and enjoy designing and fabricating new, innovative devices – often for their personal satisfaction, but also as socially relevant marketable products.

    Arthur’s formal training as a journeyman tool-maker, his extensive experience as a medical instrument-maker and his work as an award winning jeweler, make him an ideal instructor and mentor to serve the diverse technical and artistic interests of the varied students that enroll in his classes.

    As a young person Arthur was initially trained by his father, a journeyman master- machinist and mechanic who ran his own fabrication business. Arthur worked for him and subsequently for numerous other mechanically related companies.

    Arthur also pursued academic interests, and after receiving a B.A. in Experimental Psychology at Bard College, Arthur worked at New York’s Downstate Medical College in the Neuroanatomy department. Arthur was then offered a graduate research assistantship at the Primate Laboratory of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, to study with Dr. Harry Harlow, where Arthur helped develop instrumentation to test neurophysiological responses of Rhesus monkeys. While there, Arthur also worked at the University Medical Center helping to develop brain mapping instruments for the renowned neurophysiologist Dr. Clinton Woolsey.

    After leaving Madison, Arthur moved to San Francisco where he began work at UC Medical Center as Principal Medical Instrument Maker/Development Engineer, and where he continued to design and fabricate hundreds of medical research devices; receiving patents for neurophysiological, urological and ophthalmic instruments, often working in surgical suites with physicians helping test his inventions. Arthur remained at UC for twenty-five years.

    Bowl of Hygiea
    Pharmacy Trophy

    Jewelry Examples
    by Arthur Lutz

    San Francisco
    Arts Festival, 1978

    Arthur also created the “Bowl of Hygiea” award trophy that was presented by the UC Pharmacy Department each year (for 15 years) to their outstanding pharmacy graduate.

    During a voluntary five year leave of absence from UC, Arthur pursued his sculpture and jewelry-making interests, exhibiting his work and receiving numerous awards throughout the area. His works are exhibited in private collections, galleries, and purchased by the San Francisco Arts Commission.

    After retiring from UC, Arthur taught machining techniques in the Engineering Department at CCSF, and in 1985 was hired by the College of Marin as a sabbatical replacement for the Machine and Metals program director. In 1992 Arthur became the program’s full-time lead instructor.

    Arthur’s years of training and employment in the metal-working industry as toolmaker, designer and engineer fostered his great respect for precision fabrication, but it also fostered his respect and admiration for the many tradesmen and women with whom he worked collegially and collaboratively, who proudly used their skills to produce objects of great beauty, precision and social utility.

    So it’s not surprising that at CoM Arthur retained his commitment to the value of a collaborative and respectful working environment, and to that he end has devoted his energies in support of United Professors of Marin, our faculty union, where he serves as a member of the UPM Executive Council, Bargaining Team, UPM Political Action Committee, as former Shop Steward (Grievance Officer), and currently as Editor of our Union’s award-winning Newsletter. Arthur is also a long serving member of the CoM Academic Senate.

    Arthur Lutz is one of our esteemed faculty members whose contributions have helped make the College of Marin the premier institution that it is.

    Outstanding Faculty is a new feature sponsored by the United Professors of Marin AFT 1610.
    Each and every UPM member is a remarkable professional that the UPM leadership would like to acknowledge and share with the membership and the community of Marin County.

    We are actively seeking on-going articles for UPM members to be featured in the Outstanding Faculty section of our website.

    Please submit articles about your colleagues or yourself for consideration by the members of the UPM Executive Council to:

    Josette and Joan at Secretary@UPM.website 

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