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    Dear Fellow UPM Members,

    We are Sarah Frye and Dave Patterson , your new UPM Newsletter Co-Editors. We've been librarians at COM for six years. You can find us teaching in the Kentfield Campus Library.

    First, we'd like to express our gratitude to Arthur Lutz for years of excellent and award-winning work as the UPM Newsletter editor. We liked many aspects of Arthur's editorial work, especially his educational and inspirational articles on labor history. For example, there's a great picture of Dolores Huerta holding a huge sign high over her head with the United Farm Workers' emblem and just a single word in Span­ ish: "Huelga" ("Strike").

    Thank you, Arthur, for your work on the newsletter and for your dedication to our Union and College in many ways. If we can make the newsletter anywhere close to as good as it has been under your editorial leadership, we'll be happy.

    Second, we plan to keep some items from the former newsletter and start some new ones:

    • Officer Reports: What's UPM working on?
    • Know Your Contract: Each issue will feature a new question about the contract. We hope this
    • will be a useful way to get to know our contract,
    • especially for new faculty.
    • In the News: Noteworthy stories about unions
    • from the CFT and AFT, our parent organizations.
    • Focus on Faculty: Every issue, we will interview a 
    • different union member.
    • That's a Good Question: Light-hearted faculty­ on-the-street question answered by a few union members each edition.
    • Check it out: Hey, we are librarians! We'll high­ light library books on labor.
    • Talkin' 'bout my Generation: Learn a bit about our youngest, oldest, and in-between students.
    • Roots: Short historical pieces to inform & inspire. 

    Finally, do you have any suggestions? We welcome your input as we figure out how to do our new jobs. We hope to publish your letters, articles, and other suggestions as we get up and running.

    We hope that at this depressing moment in our country's history, we can contribute to a strong union by providing a useful newsletter. When we consider the challenges facing unions, educators, our students, and our democracy, our UPM newsletter can be at least one small way to band together and resist. As Dolores Huerta is famous for saying (and we learned this from reading Arthur's UPM newsletter article about her!), "Walk the street with us into history."

    In Solidarity, Dave and Sarah

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