2021 CBA Article #9 Summary Report

Summary –   

Article 9 outlines the length of the academic year and unit members’ yearly flex obligation.  Overall, very few changes were made to this article.

  • The title of the Article was changed from Calendar to Calendar and Flex Calendar Program to more accurately reflect its content.
  • The language regarding unit members’ FLEX obligation was previously spread across several articles and did not clearly state how much FLEX members were required to complete. Simply put, it was open to interpretation.
    • The language has been tightened so that it’s clear how much FLEX unit members must complete.
      • Full-time faculty are required to complete 40 hours of FLEX per year
        • They can submit/report those hours annually as opposed to at the end of every semester
      • Part-time faculty’s FLEX obligation is prorated based on a full-time FLEX obligation of 20 hours per semester
        • Part-timers must submit/report their hours at the end of each semester

Specifics –  

There are no specific changes/additions/deletions to make note of in this article beyond those noted above. 

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