2021 CBA Article #8 Summary Report


Article 8 contains many important sections central to the day-to-day business of unit members.  Below please find a bullet point list highlighting some of the various changes/additions/deletions made to Article 8 during this round of negotiations.   Beneath those highlights you will find a detailed rundown of every change made to the article.  

  • Reorganization – The entire article has been reorganized for greater usability and clarity. For example, Counselors, Librarians, and the School Nurse’s “Work Week” were littered throughout the article.  All language regarding “Work Week” has been gathered and put into Article 8.1.  Similarly, the different kinds of loads assigned members – regular overload, other overload, etc. – were scattered throughout the article.  All that information has been gathered and made available at the beginning of the article.  Again, the goal is for things to reader clearer and make more sense for members.

  • 8.1.1 – Professional Duties – In the previous contact, most professional duties were listed under 8.1.1.  However, some additional duties were listed in several other sections of the contract.  For example, in the prior contract under “District Directed Program Development” it states that unit members are expected to participate in “periodic program review/revisions and course revisions”.   These disconnected duties were consolidated in the new 8.1.1.  Please note no new duties were added to this section of the contract.   
  • 8.3 – Office Hours – Previously there were two charts under the Office Hours section of the contract. It was also unclear just how many office hours you needed to offer if you were teaching an overload.  These issues have been fixed.  Now there is one chart and your office hour obligation – with overload – is clear.

  • 8.4 – Union/District Workload Committee (UDWC) – Yet another dense and disconnected section of the contract was related to the function of UDWC. In the prior contract, UDWC was charged with duties that no longer made sense in 2021; it also appeared to lack oversight over various workload related issues like Class Size.  The goal here was to update UDWC charge and make it more consistent with the day-to-day operations of the college.  Responsibilities that seemed redundant and only served as red tape were deleted.  We also added duties where it appeared UDWC warranted some oversight.
    • To clarify things, there is now a table outlining the various funding categories under UDWCs purview, including the number of units available and the selection criteria to be eligible for those units.
      • Note that the Academic Senate was previously eligible to receive 9 units per academic year. That number has been increased to 10 units per semester.
      • Similarly, an additional 15 units per semester has been made available for Senate-related projects and research related to accreditation, teaching and learning, student learning outcomes, and other faculty-led activities.
  • 8.4.4 – Personal and Institutional Development – Previously, the district provided up to 30 teaching units for faculty research/internal projects. Unfortunately, few people were aware of this resource and the funding often went used.  The process has been changed to be more inclusive and accessible to all faculty.
    • $140k in funding available to faculty per year
    • Grants are up to one year in length
    • There are two submission deadlines – March 1st for year-long projects and/or work to be done in the Fall; and September 1st for spring projects
    • Grant applications are up to 3 units, 40 hours paid at stipend rate, or $5000 for total expenses.

  • – Overload Limits – Completion of Full-Time Assignment Sheets and Allocation of Overload – Over the years there have been some inconsistencies within and between departments regarding how overload is assigned – many faculty make their big unit classes overload on their assignment sheets.  This has been changed.  Classes and non-instructional assignments are now required to be organized in order of the highest unit values first.

  • 8. 5.4 – Non-Instructional Overload Formula – Previously the non-instructional overload formula was computed as a percentage of 599 hours (no one could figure out the source of this number). The calculation has now been simplified.   It is hours worked divided by the total semester hours per unit (43.75) and that equals the number of units for the assignment.  Note this doesn’t apply to counselors.

  • 8.7.5 – Criteria for Granting Requests for Reduced Load – The criteria for granting reduced load were previously subject to the administration and UPM’s discretion. Meaning reduced load was granted on a case-by-case basis.  Now the criteria are firm.
    • Requests for 20% Reduced Load will be approved if:
      • There is coverage
      • The member discussed it with their chair
      • Lasts no longer than 2 years
      • Requests in excess of 20% the faculty member must demonstrate need
    • The District will wave the 2-year limit on reduced load in the face of serious personal hardship.

  • 8.9 – Lecture/Laboratory for Credit/Non-Credit Course Workload – In the Fall of 2019, the English Skills Lab and Writing Center were consolidated into the Reading and Writing Lab. This work was previously designated a “practicum” and compensated at 70%.  It is now considered a lab, similar to Math Lab, and compensated at the same rate 75%.

  • 8.11.1 – Counselor’s Schedule – The Counselor’s schedule was completely revamped during this round of contract negotiations.
    • Clarified and defined a simple formula for calculating the Counselor’s Assigned and Unassigned time, as well as overload
      • Number of work hours required per year changed from 930 to 940
      • Overload is based on 40 hours of assigned time per unit
    • Counselor’s Assigned and Unassigned duties are now organized in a chart, making it easier for counseling faculty to follow and implement.
  • 8.14 – Department Chairs – There were a number of changes made to this section of the contract, most of them fairly minor and designed to better align with what Department Chairs do in practice.
    • Eligibility – Clearer eligibility requirements. Members must have an assignment, be a permanent/probationary, ETUM, or pool member, and not be on sabbatical.
    • Training – Newly elected department chairs will have an 8-hour training paid by stipend.
    • Duties – Eliminated a number of outdated duties:
      • Distributing minutes
      • Assuring that proper forms for reporting absences are available
      • Reminding faculty of their contractual responsibilities.

  • 8.15 – Coordinator Positions – A number of minor changes were also made to the Coordinator section of the contract. These changes remove significant red tape for UPM/UDWC/and the District overall.
    • Positions – A number of the coordinator positions listed in the contract simply don’t exist anymore. They were removed.
    • Eligibility – Previously, the contract did not state eligibility criteria for coordinator positions. They were to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  There are now basic criteria.
      • Members must
        • Meet all eligibility criteria provided in the call
        • Possess sufficient experience
        • Submit a completed application form 

Specifics –

8.1 – Work Week: Permanent/Probationary Full-Time Unit Member

Change:  Paragraph 1 – Language added that nursing may have Sunday clinicals/preceptorships

Change:  Paragraph 2 – “Other Non-Instructional” Unit Members language moved from 8.9.1 and 8.9.2 in prior contract

Addition:  a – Reference to Counselor’s work week added.

Change:  b – Librarians work week language moved from 8.7.1 and 8.7.2 in prior contract

Change:  c – School Nurses work week language moved from 8.8.2 in prior contract

8.1.1 – Professional Duties
Change:  Language moved from 8.3.4e (District Directed Program Development) in prior contract outlining additional professional duties – periodic program review/revisions and course revision.  This move merely consolidates duties stated throughout Article 8. 

Change:  a – Librarians professional duties moved from 8.7.1 in prior contract

Addition:  b and c – References to Counselors and Nursing Faculty added to this section

Change:  d – Faculty Hiring language moved from 8.17 in prior contract

8.1.2 – Full-Time Unit Members’ Schedule
Change:  Language moved from 8.4 in prior contract.

Deletion:  8.2.3 – Payment of Overload Unit(s)
Note:  Moved to Article 3.7   

8.3 – Office Hours (Previously 8.5)

  • General clean-up and language consolidation
  • 1 Chart, previously 2
  • Clearly stated office hour requirements for overload assignments

8.4 – Union/District Workload Committee

 Deletion 8.3.a (Previous Contract) – Language charging UDWC with creating and recommending all criteria for the granting overloads, reassigned time, reduced loads, and/or stipend has been removed.  UDWC does not create criteria for calls, it reviews whether applicants meet those criteria. 

Change:  a – (Previously 8.3.b) – Language tightened to reflect the specific assignment Categories UDWC reviews. 

Addition:  b – New language stating that UDWC will review full-time assignments that include non-instructional assignments.

Addition: c – New language stating that UDWC will review part-time assignments that include non-instructional assignments.

Change: d – Language charging UDWC with developing criteria for Category VI Personal and Institutional Development Activities Removed

Addition:  f – New language stating that UDWC will review and recommend class sizes per Article 10

Change: i – (Previously 8.3.g) Language tightened to reflect that UDWC applies, but does not develop selection criteria for coordinator positions.  Language calling for an automatic reopener between UPM and the District to develop those selection criteria has been removed. 

Deletion 8.3h (Previous Contract) – UDWC will no longer be tasked with tracking of expedited hires.  New processes outlined in Article 6 make it unnecessary.  

8.4.3 – Funding Categories and Activities for Overload, Reassigned Time and Stipend
Addition:  New table consolidating Funding Categories (Previously 8.3.2), Available Units (Previously 8.3.3 and 8.3.4.c.d.e), and Selection Criteria (Previously 8.3.6)

Addition:  New funding category – Category V:  Academic Senate Accreditation/Project Funds with funding up to 15 units per semester

Change:  Category VI:  Coordinating Positions (Previous Contract) has been moved to Category III:  Ongoing

Change:  Category VI is now Personal or Institutional Development

Change:  Category IV:  Academic Senate funds changed from 9 units per academic year to 10 units per semester

8.4.4 – Personal and Institutional Development (Previously 8.3.4)
Change:  Personal and Institutional Development funds no longer rollover from year to year

Change:  a and b – (Previously 8.3.4.a.b) – New IR&D Grant Application process designed to promote inclusion.  Note: $140k in funding. 

Change:  b – (Previously 8.3.4.c.d.e) – Institutional Initiatives, Other District Directed, and District Directed Program Development funds have been consolidated into one category, District Directed Initiatives.  Note:  funding is no longer guaranteed.  Previously the district guaranteed 15 units per semester. 

8.4.5 – Criteria Used to Evaluate Applications (Previously 8.3.5)
Change:  Mandatory criteria has been reorganized.  Criteria 1a-c were previously 6-8.  Criteria 2-6 were previously 1-4.

8.4.6 – Application Recommendations (Previously 8.3.7a.b.c.)
Change:  Language consolidated and grievance provision removed.  Unit members whose applications are not approved may request an explanation from UDWC. 

8.4.7 – Agreement:  Assigned Time, Overload, Reassigned Time and Stipend (Previously 8.3.8)
Change:  Submission of request for overload, reassigned time or stiped for Category related assignments now serves as evidence that the unit members agrees to deliver/produce outcomes/projects within related to that funding within the designated time frame. – Overload Limits – Completion of Full-Time Assignment Sheets and Allocation of Overload
Addition:  New language on how full-time assignment sheets shall be completed.  Classes and non-instructional assignments are now required to be organized in order of highest unit value first.  This prevents faculty from taking their highest unit classes as overload. – Exceptions to Overload Limits (Previously
Addition:  a – New language stating that intersession and substitute assignments within the work year shall not count toward overload limits.

Deletion:  8.15.4 – Non-instructional Overload Compensation
Note:  1) a and b – Moved to Article 3.7b

2) Final Paragraph on Counseling 75% moved to 8.11

8.5.4 – Non-instructional Overload, Intersession, and Temporary Hour to Unit Formula (Previously 8.15.5)

Change:  Simplified how non-instructional overload is calculated.  Now hours worked/43.75.  43.75 = 17.5 weeks per semester * 2.5 hours per unit. 

Addition:  Non-instructional overload formula does not apply to counselors. 

8.7.1 – Reduced Load (Previously 8.14.1)

 Change:  Section now defines reduced load and distinguishes it from unpaid leaves under Article 5.8. 

Change:  Disability related language from 8.14.2 in the prior contract was also moved here.  

8.7.2 – Salary and Benefits on Reduced Load (Previously 8.14.1) 
Change:  Section cleaned-up and consolidated.  Language regarding proportional benefits and reduction on salary scale at 60% moved here from 8.14.2 in previous contract. 

8.7.4 – Application for Reduced Load (Previously 8.14.3)
Change:  Now applications must be submitted four weeks prior to when chairs submit scheduling materials to the dean. 

Change:  Categories for reduced load moved to 8.7.5. 

8.7.5 – Criteria for Granting Requests for Reduced Load (Previously 8.14.4)     
Change:  Criteria were previously subject to administration or UPM’s discretion.  They are now firm.

  • Requests for 20% Reduced Load Approved if:
    • There is coverage
    • Discussed with chair
    • No longer than 2 years
  • Requests in Excess of 20% faculty must demonstrate need
  • District will wave 2-year limit in the face of serious personal hardship

8.7.6 – Reduced Load for Non-Instructional Unit Members (Previously 8.14.6.a.b)

Change:  Language outlining two options available to non-instructional unit members has been consolidated. 

Deletion:  8.14.5 – Grievance Provision for Denial of Reduced Loads
Note:  Faculty can still request an explanation for their denial upon request to UDWC under 8.7.7. 

8.9 – Lecture/Laboratory for Credit/Non-Credit Course Workload (Previously 8.22)
Change:  Category B – Reading and Writing Lab now categorized under B-3.  Previously it was categorized under Category C:  Practicum and correspondingly compensated at a lesser rate. 

8.9.3 – Procedure for Assigning Lecture/Laboratory Unit Values (Previously 8.22.3)

Change:  New process developed

  • Department modifies or creates new course
  • Modified/new course goes to curriculum for review
  • UDWC checks to see if it fits the available lecture/lab categories
  • If UDWC cannot make a determination it will go to LMC

(Under previous system the course went to UDWC first then to curriculum committee.  Superintendent would make the final unit assignment if UDWC could not reach a decision) 

8.10.2 – No Requirement to Teach Distance Education (Previously 8.20.2)
Change:  The language was updated.  It now states that faculty member will not be required to teach online unless in the case of emergency situations. 

 8.11.1 – Counselor’s Work Year (Previously 8.6.1 and 8.6.2)
Note:  Significant changes to this section of the contract

Change:  Counselor’s work year 175 days which may be scheduled throughout the fiscal year

Deletion:  Duty-free period language was removed

Deletion:  Language permitting 25% of all full-time counseling faculty to work on academic year was removed – this is not applied in practice. 

8.11.2 – Counselor Overload and Temporary Hour to Unit Formula (Previously 8.6.3)  
Change:  Overload and part-time assignments for counselors changed to 40 hours of assigned time per unit. 

8.11.3 – “Counselor” Assigned and Unassigned Time and Duties (Previously 8.6.1)
Change:  Number of work hours required per year changed from 930 to 940 of assigned time.  940 hours of assigned time counselor duties is based on 71.62% of work year.  Unassigned duties are estimated at 23.38% of work year. 

Change:  New chart created detailing counselors assigned and unassigned time duties.

8.12.1 – Site Supervisors (Previously 8.23.1)
Change:  Job assignments and duties now determined by management after consultation with the faculty.  Previously this was reversed. 

8.12.4 – Intersession Assignment/Additional Workload (Previously 8.23.4)
Addition:  New language added detailing summer work load for unit members in the Child Development Program.  Language clarifies that summer assignments are considered overload and voluntary. 

8.12.5 – Work Assigned During the Flex Period (Previously 8.23.5)
Change:  Previously unit members in the Child Development Program were not required complete FLEX.  As such, they were compensated at an hourly rate for working during FLEX week.  Now they are required to complete FLEX and the work they are assigned during FLEX week counts toward their FLEX requirement.   

8.13.1 – Nursing Faculty Workload (Previously 8.24.1)
Change:  Language slightly changed to be consistent with other faculty work week throughout Article 8

8.13.3 – No Title (Previously 8.24.3)

Change:  Language now clearly specifies that Nursing faculty are responsible for the professional activities enumerated in and 8.13.3. – Program Regulations/Program Accreditation (Previously

Change:  BRN Accreditation Report work was changed as follows:

  • Compensation no longer negotiated every 5 years, now fixed at $7500
  • Assistant Director of Nursing no longer eligible for additional compensation, as workload is already built into their job duties

8.13.5 – Offsite Clinical Laboratory Workload/Compensation (Previously 8.24.5)

 Change:  Course numbers updated to reflect current designation.  

8.14.1.a. – Department Chairs, Eligibility (New)

 Addition:  New language detailing eligibility requirements to serve as Department Chair.  

Change:  Language from in previous contract detailing how to share chair duties moved to this section. 







8.14.1.c. – Department Chairs, Term of Office (New)

Addition:  Language added stating that administration and outgoing chairs will training new chairs.

Change:  Language moved from in the previous contract documenting that the Department Chair terms begin on 07/01. 

8.14.1.d. – Department Chairs, Training (New)

Addition:  Newly elected chairs will have an 8 hour training paid by stipend. 

8.14.1.e. – Department Chairs, Evaluations (Previously 8.12.1.D)

 Change:  Chairs will now be evaluated in the 2nd semester of each 4-semester term. 

8.14.2.A – Department Chairs, Responsibilities to the Department (Previously 8.12.2.A)

Change:  1 – Department Chairs no longer required to distribute minutes to appropriate bodies on campus. 

Addition:  2 – New requirement that Department Chairs communicate district information effectively and regularly to department members.

Deletion 8.12.2.A.5 (Previous Contract) – Language charging Department Chairs with assuring that proper forms for reporting absences are available to unit members within their department has been removed.

Change:  6 – Language added clarifying that department unit members will assist in the development and maintenance of current information the college schedule, catalog, and other college publications. 

Deletion 8.12.2.A.7 (Previous Contract) – Language stating that Department Chairs must inform department members of funding proposals and opportunities has been removed. 

Deletion 8.12.2.A.14 (Previous Contract) – Language stating that Department Chairs must remind faculty of their contract responsibilities has been deleted. 

8.14.2.B – Department Chairs, Responsibilities to the District (Previously 8.12.2.B)

Addition:  1 – New requirement that Department Chairs communicate district information effectively and regularly to department members. 

Addition:  11 – New requirement that Department Chairs review full-time instructor assignment sheets and return them to supervising manager by deadline for scheduling.

Addition 12 – Complete and send “Notice of Offer” forms to part-time faculty pursuant to Article 6.

8.14.2.D – Department Chairs, Budget (Previously 8.12.2.D)

 Deletion:  3 (Previous Contract) – Exercise signatory authority

8.14.3 – Department Chairs, Compensation (Previously 8.12.3)

Deletion:  No longer an option to be paid via banked units.

8.15.1 – Coordinator, Positions (Previously 8.25.2)

 Changes to Units:

  1. Faculty Assistant Director of Nursing 1 to 2 units
  2. Coordinator of ESL Non-Credit 4 to 3 units
  3. Coordinator of Math Lab 2 to 1 unit


  1. Coordinator of Digital Journalism 1 unit
  2. Coordinator of Faculty Professional Development 5 units
  3. Coordinator of Reading and Writing Lab and Online Writing Center   7 units
  4. Coordinator of STEM Learning Community 5 units


  1. Coordinator of Biology Lab
  2. Coordinator of Business Skills KTD
  3. Coordinator of Business Skills IVC
  4. Coordinator of Computer Science
  5. Coordinator of Environmental Landscaping
  6. Coordinators of Fine and Visual Arts Programs Ceramics and Sculpture
  7. Coordinator of English WC and OWC Lab
  8. Coordinator of English Skills
  9. Coordinator of Math Lab IVC
  10. Coordinator of Statway/Math Skills Pathway/Math Summer Bridge
  11. Coordinator of Student Learning Outcomes
  12. Coordinator of Work Experience
  13. Coordinator of Learning Communities
  14. Coordinator of Educational Support Program
  15. Coordinator of Math Jam
  16. Coordinator of CIS

8.15.3 – Compensation and Duties (Previously 8.25.3)

 Deletion:  No longer an option to be paid via stipend

Change:  Language now clarifies that UPM’s role is to negotiate units and not Coordinator duties

8.15.4.a.b.c.1.2.3 – Eligibility, Application, Screening, and Selection (Previously 8.25.4 and 8.25.5)

Note:  Significant reorganization of this section of the contract.

Addition:  c. 2. – New selection criteria added based on current practice

  • Meets all eligibility criteria
  • Sufficient experience
  • Submitted complete application

Deletion:  Language from 8.25.4 of the previous contract stating that UPM and the District would negotiate coordinator selection criteria has been removed. 

Addition:  c. 3. – New language that if there are two or more eligible applicants UDWC will conduct interviews.  UDWC might not conduct interviews if there is only one minimally qualified applicant. 

8.15.5 – Term and Removal (Previously 8.25.6)  

Change:  Coordinator will no longer be provided term extension.  Incumbents must apply for the position every two years. 

8.16.1 – Managers:  Teaching (Previously 8.13)

Change:  The District no longer has to obtain UPM’s approval for manager’s who are assigned 1 credit class per year.  



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