Please note that this summary only addresses changes/additions/deletions made to the language and processes outlined in Article 3 – Wages.  It does not detail the wages and benefits UPM has negotiated with the District.  

Below please find a bullet point list highlighting some of the various changes/additions/deletions made to Article 3 during this round of negotiations.   Beneath those highlights you will find a detailed rundown of every change made to the article.  

  • Part-Timer’s Pay Schedule – Under the previous contract, part-timers were paid on the mid-month payroll – the 10th of each month. The District agreed to pay part-timers on the mid-month payroll for the first month off each semester and then on the 1st of the month for every month thereafter.
  • Initial Placement – Previously, faculty had one semester to provide the relevant materials to HR and receive retroactive pay for their initial placement, members now have a six-month window to do so.
  • Vertical Movement of Part-Time Faculty on the Salary Schedule – Previously part-time members could only apply teaching experience from other institutions on a rolling yearly basis to improve their vertical placement on the salary schedule. There is now a new process, wherein part-time members submit their teaching experience to HR on May 1st of every year and that will be applied to the salary schedule on July 1st of every year.
  • Horizontal Movement – Previously horizontal movement on the salary schedule was similarly convoluted. There were multiple deadlines to manage and changes were not immediately implemented.  Under the new system as soon as a member submits official documentation evidencing eligibility for horizontal movement on the salary schedule it applies immediately.
  • Children’s Center Salary Schedule – Previously vertical movement on the Children’s Center’s Salary schedule was on a two-to-one basis. That is, members only moved up on the scale every two years.  Under the new system, members in the Children’s Center will move vertically on the scale on a yearly basis, like everyone else in the unit.

Specifics –  


3.3.b – If the District plans to offer assignments in noncredit semester-based programs they agree to notify UPM and, upon request negotiate compensation for the new program.  Previously, this was limited to new noncredit programs in English or Math.    

3.5.a – Effective July 1, 2021 Part-Timer’s first check will be on the mid-month payroll and all subsequent checks will be at the end of the month. This also applies to late start classes. (Please note this the District is working with IT to make this happen.  If they cannot, we will revert back to status quo).  

3.7.d.i – Language is now consistent with the what is in 3.5b and makes clear that overload will be paid in 5 equal payments in the semester for a semester-long overload assignment, or as indicated on the overload contract. 

3.9.1 – Clearer language regarding Intersession Pay.  In the previous CBA it referenced other sections of the contract.  Now it clearly states that Intersession pays at 95%

3.11 – Creditable Work Experience language has been consolidated to include “Completed Year” definition ( of prior CBA) and “Non-Teaching Employee” experience ( of prior CBA).

3.12 – Creditable Education language has been consolidated to include “Definition of an Earned Doctorate” (3.5 and 3.5.2 in prior CBA), “Materials Required” ( in prior CBA), and “Limitations on Receiving Credit” ( in prior CBA). 

3.13.1 – The time period in which a new unit member can submit additional paperwork related to their initial placement and receive retroactive pay has changed.  In the previous contract unit members had one semester to provide these materials to HR and receive retroactive pay, now they have six months to get them in and receive retroactive pay.   This also applies to 3.16.3 Initial Placement in the Children’s Center.

3.13.1 – Language has changed from unit member filing a grievance regarding their initial placement to requesting an explanation.  (Grievance is still available if the District breaks the contract).   This also applies to 3.16.3 Initial Placement in the Children’s Center.   

3.13.3 – The rights of Retreating/Returning Managers have been scaled back.  In the previous contract, Retreating/Returning Managers were given opportunities for Advanced Placement on the Salary Schedule.  Now Retreating Managers will be held to the same provisions as any new hire and Returning Managers can return to the unit at whatever step they left at. 

3.14.3 – The process for managing the Vertical Movement of Temporary Unit Members has changed.  In the previous contract, temporary unit members could apply teaching experience from other institutions (up to Step 9) on a rotating basis – every semester but not to exceed 30 units total, including work done at CoM, for the last 12 months.  Now unit members must apply outside teaching experience (up to Step 9) once a year on May 1st and will be applied to the salary schedule on July 1st

3.15 – The process for managing the Horizontal Movement of Unit Members has changed.  Previously, unit members who submitted unofficial documents by September 1st would be credited for a change in placement on the preceding July 1st as long as they submitted official documentation by December 15th of that year.  Now horizontal movement will take place anytime of the year as soon as official documentation is provided.  This also applies to 3.16.5 Horizontal Movement in the Children’s Center.   

13.16.3 – Initial Step Placement Cap for the Children’s Center has been changed from step 2 to step 3. 

13.16.4 – Vertical (Step) Movement on Children’s Center Salary Schedule used to be on a two-to-one yearly basis – that is, faculty would move up one step every two years.  It has now been changed to a one-to-one yearly basis.  This is also reflected in the Children’s Center’s Salary Schedule which has changed from 10 steps to 20 steps.  

Additions (New to this Article):

3.5.c – New system outlining how part-timers will pay back the district if they are overpaid due to a class cancellation.  (This is the same process that full-timers are subject to).

3.6.c – Long-term substitute rate added from Article of prior contract.

3.7.b – Payment for Non-Instructional Overload language moved from 8.15.4 of prior contract.

3.7.d.iii – Language regarding how full-time faculty will pay back the district if an overload class is cancelled moved from 

3.9.3 – Non-Instructional Intersession language moved from 8.15.4

3.13.2 – Hiring incentive for strong candidates and hard-to-fill positions, on the recommendation of HR can be placed up to Step 20 with approval of UPM President and District Superintendent/President.


All salary information and compensation formulas from the last CBA have been removed.  Note that much of this information is unnecessary given that non-credit ESL earns 95% of the credit salary schedule. 

All Credential Majors/Masters or Higher language has been removed as it is old and outdated. (Prior Contract) –   Initial placement language for not-for-credit unit members no longer necessary.  ESL is now paid on credit salary schedule and community education has its own schedule (3.4)

3.9 (Prior Contract) – All Vocational Related Disciplines language has been removed. 

3.10 (Prior Contract) – Office Hour information has been removed.  It is more appropriate in Article 8. 

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