2021 CBA Article #10 Summary Report

 Summary –

Overall, very few changes were made to Article 10 – Class Size during this round of negotiations.  There were, however, two changes of note

  1. UPM, the Academic Senate, and the District will assign representatives to create a Class Size List establishing class maximums for each course outline of record.  The final Class Size List will be maintained in an Appendix of the new contact.  (Please note that the Curriculum Committee has already done significant work in this regard over the last five years.  The goal here is to complete and officially implement that work). 

  2. UPM and the District developed a process whereby departments may request new class size maximums – different from the standard class limits provided on the aforementioned final Class Size List.  Requests for new class size maximums will be reviewed and approved by the Curriculum Committee based on several factors:
  • Accreditation requirements;
  • Articulation requirements;
  • Combined lecture sections for multiple lab sections;
  • Enrollment considerations (such as open entry and exit);
  • Oversight body licensing requirements;
  • Pedagogical reasons;
  • Recommendations from national organizations (for example, American Chemical Society, American Association of Physics Teachers, American Physics Society, National Council Teachers of English);
  • State and federal laws and regulations; and
  • Budget and financial considerations.

The Curriculum Committee will forward recommendations to make exceptions to the standard class size limit to the UDWC when the Curriculum Committee:  1) Cannot reach a majority decision; 2) recommends a class size for a new course; or 3) recommends a class size below the existing maximum on the course outline of record. 

Specifics –

There are no specific changes/additions/deletions to make note of in this article beyond those noted above. 




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