2021 CBA Article #1 Summary Report

Changes, Additions, and Deletions Summary Report.  01/17/2021

Summary –

Article 1 outlines who the United Professors of Marin represent at the college.

In the previous contract Librarians, Counselors, and the College Health Center Nurse were not included in the opening statement listing everyone in the unit. This was changed so that all unit members are now listed together.

Eligibility requirements to participate in the Not-for-credit Contract Education program were moved to Article 6 – Assignments.

Language outlining how Temporary/Part-Time Employees in the unit are compensated was moved to Article 3 – Wages.


Specifics –


1.1 The Unit
Language from 1.3 in the previous contract identifying Librarians, Counselors, College Health Center Nurse, etc. as unit members was moved into this section and consolidated.

Additions (New to this Article):



1.1.1 Not-for-Credit Contract Education (Previous Contract)
Language was moved to Article 6.3.2

1.5 Temporary Employee Equity (Previous Contract)
Language was moved to Article 3.2

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